Purple Parade - Continuing our exploration of all things Lilac and Purple

Lilac and purple paint colour ideas for interior walls and rooms.

June 16, 2022

 This saturated lilacky purple is not for the faint hearted but it looks spectacular with khaki greens, peaches and terracotta.  When I chose this image I knew that it might be polarizing but the shapes and vibrant hues bordering on brights are so current.  Fun pop colours that have the nineties as their inspiration are finding their way into our current decorating style.

How do I make it mine. Use Purple Parade as a feature wall perhaps and then layer your homewares in the complimentary colours.  Yes an assault on the senses but you can pare it back by using only three of the following colours even if the green is only represented by your favourite palm in the corner.

I have matched these vibrant colours from our Wallmaster colour collections so that you can order online or keep for future reference.  Use them any in any combination and they will work. 

Purple Parade            Heidis Dream              Porch Swing

Terra Vale      Cotton Candy     Diamante    Tequila Sunrise  Regal Rose

Melody of May